when the light is off

When the light is off,
Lovely face vanished,

silently shattered;


Bliss of Yesterday By: Jona Mae Jacome

in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. however, life is no fun without pain.

is it possible to felt hatred and longing at the same time? Hatred for all the heartbreaking and frustrating circumstances but longing for the bliss and odd bonding and chitchats of yesterday.

I don’t know what comes on my mind writing this blog, perhaps, I can’t still believe for all the changes in our friendship now. Where does sweet companionship go? Joy fades memories and excitements gone. Can’t you feel it? Can’t see it? We are falling apart and it crushed my heart. I started to wonder why things need to change; why things need to complicate everything; why we have to encountered things like these—stupid questions remain queries.

I still remember those blissful days; we used to go together—no doubts, no alibis, and no hesitations. We used to share frivolous and endless rants and depressing stories in our lives. But, look at us now, we never talk and laugh the way we used too. Yes! We still go together but not as fun as before, not emotionally and mentally present. It feels like yesterday we were so unbroken and happy but sadly, wind blew them away. People seem to wonder if we are not together and assumed that we were always be together in all the activities given by group. We were always like domino; whatever might happen to one of us, soon to experience by the rest of the group. We used to laugh and wonder for those coincidences. How does it happen to us? Possibly, we destined to be sisters by soul.

If I could only go back to those blissful moments of yesterday, however, it also truly make me happy for those blissful moments turn into memories—wonderful memories indeed.

@The Ruins of Talisay, Negros Occidental

@The Ruins of Talisay, Negros Occidental with Allyza Pearl Cordero and Rorilyn Sabino

@U.P Diliman, Philippines with Allyza Peral Cordero and Rorilyn Sabino.

College of Communication Acquaintance Party.

College of Communication Acquaintance Party.

Going to Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City.

Going to Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City.

@Island of Boracay

@Island of Boracay

To Love and Be Loved By: Jona Mae Jacome

Who would dream to be in one-sided love? Who would like to be in  bait of love triangle? All of us dream to love and be loved. How much more if that love is a true love? have you ever fall in love?

To love and be loved is the most magical feeling in this world. The feeling that all of us longing of; the feeling I used to felt or I should say, a once in a lifetime feeling during my teenage years.

Have you ever felt euphoria even just he’s at your side? that even just a simple smile and gestures can make you completely happy? How much more for his undefined love and care every day? I know you know that kind of feeling.

We were both young, innocent and naive when we enter the world of relationship and felt the little thing they called love. We are just carefree from the things that we feel and see, but now, everything’s has changed

Love is undefined like my love for this man, for who would have thought that the spontaneous infatuation and care turns to a great love. I was the happiest woman alive I believed, but everything is falling apart. maybe, this is just a pleasure of all first. You know, first base and second base.that eventually it will vanished just like a blink of an eye.

we used to dream about future and perhaps, that’s the saddest part of being in a relationship, we used to predict things that might be nor might not happen. why is so hard to be loved back by the person you love, why is so hard to love the person who loved you.


If you are looking for a destination where you can take a moment of break and unwind, commune with nature and cuddle fresh breeze, learn and witness how agricultural works and enjoy the amenities that will made your day awesome and memorable then, May’s organic garden is the place to be especially if you are an agricultural enthusiast. It is a perfect example on how adventure and nature occur to give a remarkable experience and learning.

Bacolod City is not just famous of its MassKara Festival but also for its rejuvenating, awesome, educational and relaxing destination.

May’s organic garden is one of the tourist destinations in Bacolod City proper, located in Sitio Aning, Brgy. Pahanocoy. The accommodation rivals the best hotels in the Province but has the advantage of having the ambiance of a home. Mr. and Mrs. Uy, the owners are very amiable and solicitous. They even brief visitors on the projects and advocacies that they are currently involved in.The 6 hectares property provides demonstration of shredding machine, hydraulic ram pump, windmill, vermin-composting, and lemongrass oil making and Process of making organic products. May’s garden have a foundation that supported various schools and less fortunate who lives in the highest mountain of the provinces in Negros occidental. It is primarily supported by RU foundry machine shop Corporation, maker of innovative high quality machinery and equipment. On the micro scale the Eco-Agri development corporation aims to increase the family income of farmers by teaching them life changing technology and sell their products in fair and affordable. On the bigger scale the programs of the foundation aims for sustainable farming and lifestyle improvement for farmers and their children by providing a mini-library and computer room where they study, research and do school matter but also to the tourist.

May’s organic garden also offers organic food and products at the fair price and effort of making and advertising of organic by marketing, attractive packaging and information dissemination about organic products by PURO which means produce your own organic. Home stay facility meeting and function rooms where you can rest and discuss your agenda and it is also a good venue for wedding nuptials, christening, birthday’s celebration and field trips.

After of discovering agricultural and organics works, May’s organic garden is not only an ordinary Eco-park but also a one big learning and opportunity area for all kind. You can also visit green house, a demo-farm, organic garden and world of animals for livelihood and appreciate organic beauties. Provide training for up-grading schools of workers and out of school youths. It also offers interesting amenities where you can enjoy and unwind make a memorable experience by horseback riding, fun fishing, paddle boat and playground.

so, instead of staying home during vacation, why not  visit May’s Organic Garden and explore the world of organic.

(c) Allyza Pearl Cordero

(c) Allyza Pearl Cordero

(c) Allyza Pearl Cordero

(c) Allyza Pearl Cordero

(c) Allyza Pearl Cordero

(c) Allyza Pearl Cordero



Innate Hidden Beauty By: Jona Mae Jacome

If you are looking for a destination where you can take a moment of break and unwind, commune with nature, cuddle the cooling dip on the crystal Clear waterfalls and enjoy the amenities that will make your day awesome and memorable then, Jawili Falls is the place to be. It is a perfect example on how adventure and nature occur to give a remarkable experience.

Province of Aklan is known for its world’s famous Island of Boracay and Kalibo’s Ati-Atihan Festival however, Aklan loads of internal beauty that remains hidden. One of these is the refreshing and tranquil falls located in Tangalan, the Jawili Falls.

How to get there?

From Kalibo’s Bus Station, ride a bus that will pass by Tangalan. From Tangalan’s town center, take a tricycle and inform the driver to drop you in Jawili Falls. A minutes travel will do, and you will witness from its alluring façade to its highest point, how captivating the works of art from the nature it will be. It looks like a basin cooling crystal clear falling rain. However, to witness its entire beauty, follow the concrete steps at the side that will leaded you in its highest point, I tell you, you will be hypnotize by its unique and amazing scenery.

Other services

Alongside is the Jawili Falls Resort that caters some nipa hut to the visitors. This resort is owned by Segfre Magallanes. It has picnic huts and huts for an overnight staying. Of course, it has affordable fees. Picnic huts rates Php 150 per three hours while closed huts for overnight costs Php 400. After the resort is the falls. The falls has entrance fee also costs Php 10. Parking fees can run Php 50 to Php 100. Restrooms and bathrooms have also separate cost, Php 10.

You will totally be satisfied after you’ll spend your time here. This is just the splendor truth, that still undiscovered to others.